Irresponsible people with great power

The guy who takes a chance, who walks the line between the known and unknown, who is unafraid of failure, will succeed.
Gordon Parks


My name is Jersild. I am the Director of PRD.

PRD stands for Poor Righteous Designers.

Poor Righteous Designers offers photographic and video capture services for professionals as well as individuals who care about their brand image.

The essence of our work is based on the passion for all kind of image – photographies, movies, documentaries – and so one. We have a natural sympathy for ordinary people, whom we call the real people.

Our guideline is the following :
ordinary people are real people. And real people are real people.

Ordinary people deserve the same honors as the stars of our small and big screens.

With the proliferation of screens of any size in our lives, it is easier to access some notoriety, but this fame is not always so happy. Not always wanted. Not really elegant and most often, undeserved.

Poor Righteous Designers means that we do not need to mobilize enormous resources to accomplish great and beautiful things and we apply this philosophy in each and every of our collaborations.

We are interested in aesthetics in all its shapes and forms … Human or animal, masculine or feminine, plant or mineral.

How about rediscovering yourself ?

We invite you into a different visual experience, innovative. Something rewarding. Revealing.

Do not look for our style, it’s yours. Otherwise, look at THIS.

Thank you for your trust. Let there be light.

Want to know more ? Let’s meet up.

PRDly Yours.